meningioma brain tumor

When you learn you have a meningioma brain tumor

The sun is shining on a beautiful Friday afternoon when you pick up your MRI report from the imaging center. A meningioma brain tumor?! The doctor was looking for something else when oh-by-the-way, look what we found. You spend hours searching the literature. Then begin a whirlwind of seeing doctors and having one MRI after […]

Plain Language

Say what?! Plain language, please.

You’re talking with your doctor and wondering what the heck he just said. Say what?! Plain language, please. Imagine if there was a medical school requirement on plain language. Actually, there should be. Just 12 percent of adults can understand medical discussions well enough to effectively manage their health and prevent disease, according to the […]

Yale Professor Emeritus Edward Tufte

The New York Times calls him “The da Vinci of Data”

You’re stuck in an audience listening to a speaker slowly reading the bullet points on his PowerPoint slides that you can easily read. The dreaded slow reveal. The next time you’re listening to a speaker do that – reading every stinking point – one-at-a-time – Yale University professor emeritus Edward Tufte wants you to stand […]


Patient Safety: Go to a hospital and live to tell about it

Can you really play an important role on the healthcare team when you or your loved one is in the hospital? You can, especially as medical professionals are asked to do more with less today. An estimated 440,000 Americans die each year from preventable hospital mistakes and one in seven Medicare patients in hospitals experience […]